Guidelines on how to Start a Blog

There is a lot of competition in the corporate world today. Only the strongest and the wisest survive the hard realities of life. The struggle to make a living out of whatever you can lay your hands on is real. For the creative people, there is a myriad of opportunities in the world. They live for self-expression. There are many opportunities for creative people to express themselves and if possible make money. One such venture is blogging.

Internet has provided many opportunities for different people all over the world. It is now possible to comfortably make money and live a good irrespective of where you come from. Very many people are turning to blogging as a way of making money. Others do it as a hobby or as a way to pass time. Blogging is a very flexible job and anyone willing to learn the ropes can do it without having to work full time. Even if you plan to make it your livelihood, you will still have lots of time to do other things.

If you are new at blogging or have this idea in your head about blogging but do not know how to start a blog, here is a guide to walk you through all the steps you need to follow on how to do it. The following guide gives anyone that needs direction about how to start a blog and anyone willing to make an income out of blogging a few pointers.

Make a decision on what to blog about

This is the first major step on how to start a blog. Deciding on what topic you want to blog about will make it easier for you to get started. Whatever topic you choose should resonate with whatever your interests are. To begin with, do not choose a topic merely because you are in a rush to make money. Go for a topic that you are passionate about otherwise going for a moneymaking topic could burn you in the process.

Choosing the right topic does not mean you have to be a professional on the said topic that you choose to blog about. If it is, interesting and you know you will sustain the topic, then blog about it. The list of topics to choose from is long. Some of the topics you can choose from are: marketing your products, counseling, parenting tips, politics, gaming, entertainment, sports, art, product reviews, humor, real life experiences, music and so on. Turn whatever you are good at into something interesting and a topic that you are sure will attract plenty of discussion around it.

Choose a good domain name

Think about a good domain name for your blog. You could personalize it by using your name or choose another generic name. If you are a marketer and trying to build your brand around a certain product, you can choose the brand name as your handle. There are hundreds of domain extensions to choose from that is in case it is hard to get .com extensions which are not readily available. A good domain should be easy to remember, short, should contain no numbers, special characters or hyphens.

Choose a platform for your blog

A blogging platform is a software or a template that allows you to publish all your blog posts and is the basis of your blog. Before making any of your blogs public, this is where you will do all your creating of articles, videos, images and tutorials.

There are free platforms that have many limitations and there are platforms that you pay for. Free blogging platforms might restrict you against so many things like putting up ads, taking over total control of your content material, giving you long web addresses and many others. The most popular blogging platforms are, Blogger, Ghost, Wix, Weebly, and among many others.

Of the above, is the most popular blogging platform. Some of the reasons for its popularity are:

  1. Easy to use as it gives a step-by step user instruction guide
  2. Very flexible as it can create both simple and complex sites
  3. There is a wide usage and many people share ideas on its uses and tools

Select a hosting company

After you are done with choosing the platform, the next step in your journey of learning how to start a blog, is selecting a web hosting service. Hosting allows the viewing of your on the internet. There are many hosting companies in the world. You need a reliable hosting company that has a reputable server response time and server up time. Some of the best-recommended hosting companies are HostGator, Bluehost, DreamHost, Inmotion Hosting and A2 Hosting.

Choose a theme for you blog and create your first blog post

Once you are done with selecting your host company, the next step is deciding on the theme for your blog. A theme should be an impressive appearance of your blog and should match with whatever your niche is. Several things determine a blog layout out. These are color, video or image presentation, catchy SEO words, and most importantly a title that will most probably be the main selling point of your blog. It should be catchy enough to drive traffic to your new blog.

After you are done, create your first blog post by login into your hosting platform and click on. Type in the title of your blog, post the content of your new blog into the body of your host platform page, choose all the necessary tags, file your blog into its correct category and press the “Publish” button.

Sustaining your blog

Now that you have learned about all the guidelines on how to start a blog, and you have posted your first your first blog post, you do not stop there. Knowing how to start a blog and finally posting, is work half done. Update your blog constantly by publishing more and more interesting stuff. Alternate the kind of posts you publish to avoid monotony and add in more pictures to your articles and so on. Pictures tell a story and the more catchy pictures included in your blog, the more interesting it gets and the more traffic it attracts.

Make money out of your blogging

If you are not blogging as a hobby, you can make money out of your blogging carrying out the following actions.

  1. Doing affiliate marketing
  2. Activating Google Ad sense
  3. Creating a tutorial blog where people pay to learn skills
  4. Business pay to have their products reviewed
  5. Renting out space for banner ads
  6. Selling eBooks via your blog
  7. Getting paid for consultation through your blog
  8. Selling your services by using your blog
  9. Email marketing


The above guidelines on how to start a blog, if followed very carefully, will guarantee you a good start to publishing your first blog post and earning from it. Remember that for you to gain traffic to your traffic; you have to be very consistent and articulate. Keep promoting your blog and once you are established, be assured of money trickling in.
Start blogging today!